Q*bert's Qubes [Model PB5550]

A 34-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Parker Bros.

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Q*bert's Qubes © 1984 Parker Bros.

The object of the game is to color-match qubes in a row (or rows) of four. Do so in order to move to the next round. There are four rounds per level, ten levels in all.


Model PB5550


Landing on a qube: 5 points
Matching a qube to the target: 100 points
Catching Green Ball: 100 points
Catching a Shoobop: 100 points
Catching Sheldon: 100 points

Eliminating Rat-a-tat-tat with a given Q*bert(per round)
1st time: 500 points
2nd time: 400 points
3rd time: 300 points
4th time: 200 points
5th time: 100 points
every time thereafter: 5 points

Bonus points at end of round:
Level 1: 200 points per matched qube
Levels 2-10: Starting at 225 points per matched qube, the value of matched qubes in each successive round increases 25 additional points
Bonus Round: Starting at 100 points, the value of each succeeding matched qube increases by 100 additional points.
Bonus Q*bert: one every 10,000 points.


Programmer: Todd Marshall

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