Q*bert [Model 9500]

A 35-year-old Atari 5200 Game by Parker Bros.

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Q*bert © 1983 Parker Bros.

To score as many points as possible by changing the color of the cubes on the pyramid from a starting color to a destination color. You'll do this by hopping Q*bert from cube to cube while avoiding the 'nasty' characters who will try to stop him. Each time you complete a pyramid, you'll proceed to a new pyramid--or round.

Game 1 One-player You start with 5 Q*berts
Game 2 One-player You start with 4 Q*berts
Game 3 One-player You start with 3 Q*berts
Game 4 Two-player Both start with 5 Q*berts
Game 5 Two-player Both start with 4 Q*berts
Game 6 Two-player Both start with 3 Q*berts


Model 9500

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