Q.T. Bird

This Video Slot Machine is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 info: qtbird
Information last updated on November 08, 2020.
Set's name: "qtbird" / romof="aristmk5"
MAME's description: Q.T. Bird (0500009V, NSW/ACT)

ROM name="a562837.u36" no differences from the parent set.
ROM name="a562838.u65" no differences from the parent set.
ROM name="a562840.u22" no differences from the parent set.
ROM name="0500009v.u7" size="524288" crc="f294fc0a" sha1="f3d60ca6008445f535fce027f5ec3fe82ae552c3" region="game_prg"
ROM name="0500009v.u11" size="524288" crc="328b7e04" sha1="5c49f60b7c88d6e94e7ab464fad4eee6806f327a" region="game_prg"
ROM name="0500009v.u8" size="524288" crc="764b5568" sha1="a097992499044b7ca017a8c85387dc1ea94ff27a" region="game_prg"
ROM name="0500009v.u12" size="524288" crc="bb8344a9" sha1="8b0e904b937c7f34470ad946076240b0c54bf434" region="game_prg"

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