Psyvariar - Revision

Taito G-Net card published 23 years ago by Success

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Psyvariar - Revision screenshot

Psyvariar - Revision © 2000 Success.


Runs on the "Taito G-Net" hardware.


Released in August 2000.


* The game has the same mechanics to "Psyvariar - Medium Unit" with the following differences:
Ship : the core in "Psyvariar - Revision" is more protected and smaller than in "Psyvariar - Medium Unit", so it allows the gamer to take bigger risks in order to level up.
Buzz system : while on "Psyvariar - Medium Unit" a bullet/enemy can only be buzzed once, in "Psyvariar - Revision" the object can be buzzed more than once.

* Secret Stages : Finish a stage with regulation level.
2-D (Volcano) : Level 24
3-C (City) : Level 80
4-B (Zero Space) : Level 45
4-C (City) : Level 96
X-A (Photon) : Level 56
X-B (Graviton) : Level 118
X-C (Weakboson) : Level 163
X-D (Gluon) : Level 218

And you can play XX area after finish X-D in replay mode. If X-D is missing in replay mode, play normal X-D and get over 20,000 pts.
XX-A (Photon-X)
XX-B (Graviton-X)
XX-C (Weakboson-X)
XX-D (Gluon-X)

* Keep Rolling : Roll with holding bomb button when you have no bomb.


1. Psyvariar - Medium Unit (2000)
2. Psyvariar - Revision (2000)
3. Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate (2003)
4. Psyvariar Delta (2018)


Sony PlayStation 2 (2002, "Psyvariar Complete Edition")


Game's ROM.
Game's screenshots.
Official website: http://www.success-corp.co.jp/software/ac/revision/