Professional Pinball

Pinball published 40 years ago by Geiger-Automatenbau

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Professional Pinball © 1981 Geiger-Automatenbau.


This game was made in 5 conversion kits, Challenger I, II, III, IV, and V. Each was a conversion of a different game...
Challenger I : conversion of Bally's 1977 "Eight Ball".
Challenger II : conversion of Bally's 1977 "Evel Knievel".
Challenger III : conversion of Bally's 1978 "Power Play".
Challenger IV : conversion of Bally's 1978 "Strikes and Spares".
Challenger V : conversion of Bally's 1979 "Star Trek".

Conversion kit included a playfield overlay, new decals for covering the existing plastics, a replacement backglass, stencils for repainting the cabinet, and optional playfield posts to change game play.