A 46-year-old Coin-op Bowler by SEGA Enterprises

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Not emulated in MAME


Pro-Bowler © 1972 Sega.

Two-players electro-mechanical bowling game. The game is a mechanically animated manikin bowling game and basically a copy of Williams' "Mini Bowl" (August 70). Pro Bowler has a five-foot playfield length and scores just like regulation bowling. Relays in this Sega game are the enclosed and socketed variety.


Pro-Bowler the Coin-op Bowler
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Top glass size is 22" x 44.5” x 3/16” tempered glass. It uses one pinball 1 1/4" diameter glass.

The game has a few technical problem (aside form the usual manikin game troubles). One is the transformer is not as robust as American-made games. This is the problem for the G.I. (General Illumination, 6.3 volts). If all the bulbs are installed for the game, only about 4.3 volts is available. As bulbs are removed, the voltage goes up (indicating the transformer can't supply the necessary current to light all the bulbs!) Another problem are the relays themselves. The plug/socket arrangement can be trouble, as the male plugs on the relays turn brown and don't conduct. These can be cleaned though.


Note the drawing date on the schematics for Pro-Bowler is 1972, but reportedly this game was made as late as 1976.

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