Private Eye [Model AG-034]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Private Eye © 1983 Activision

"Sacre bleu! I am the great French private eye Pierre Touche and I need your help. I've been summoned to capture the ringleader, Henri Le Fiend, and turn him over to the police. But wait -- we first must find evidence against him and the stolen property. There are five cases pending, each with its own statute of limitation. A case is closed when Le Fiend is apprehended and booked. So hurry! Study the files below, grab your trenchcoat and meet me at Precinct 2600 -- I'll be waiting for you."

Sleuth wanted! Help Private Eye Touche navigate the city streets, parks, secret passages, dead-ends and one-ways in search of Henri Le Fiend and his gang. Evidence and stolen goods are scattered about -- you'll need to find these, too. Let the map and your memory be your guide. And let nothing go unnoticed.


Model AG-034


Back in the 80s, if you completed the Case 3 in this game. You could take a photography of your television showing the completion and send it to Activision to have your name added to the 'Super Sleuth' registry and to receive an official Super Sleuth emblem.


Tips from Bob Whitehead, designer of Private Eye.
(Bob is not only an award-winning, senior designer at Activision, he's also one of its founders! He lives in California with his wife Karron and their four children, and is an avid fan of sports, particularly baseball.)

"Well sleuths... I hope you're not looking for any dead giveaways. You've got to figure this one out for yourselves. But here are some clues:"

"Try to figure out the best direction to head in when you begin each case. Some cases are easier when you start out to the left, and some are easier when you start out to the right. Also, certain cases 'prefer' you to pick up the evidence first, while others are more easily solved when the stolen item is found first. So discover and jot down the 'initial direction' and 'order of search' for each case."

"Touche! to those of you who will brave Case 5. I feel obligated to say that, although it is the sum of Cases 1-4, some of the secret passages will be changed. But don't let that discourage you. Just adjust your map a bit."

"When you get back to the precinct with Le Fiend, please send a report -- it'll be fun to compare notes. Good luck and God bless."


Programmer: Bob Whitehead


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[EU] [AU] Sony PlayStation 2 (2003) "Activision Anthology [Model SLES-51313]"

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[US] Apple Macintosh [CD-ROM] (2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"

[US] Android (aug.30, 2012) "Activision Anthology"
[US] Apple iPhone/iPad (aug.30, 2012) "Activision Anthology [Model 542727742]"
[US] "Atari Flashback 8 Gold Activision Edition" (sept.22, 2017) by AtGames


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