Power Pyramids

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 33 years ago by Quicksilva

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Power Pyramids © 1988 Quicksilva

You've just arrived in orbit around Earth with a cargo of Pyramids - one of each of four types; Basic, Super, Grand and Royal. Guiding an automatic, robotic spheroid around maze-like internal rampways, the aim is to commission each Pyramid in turn by activating all the power points hidden within it's levels. The spheroid moves in the direction in which it's travelling until it rebounds off an obstacle or is diverted by one of the dynamic features of the landscape. It's up to you to guide the moving ball on a course to success.

Starting with the Basic Pyramid model, which contains 14 screens arranged on four levels, play gets progressively more difficult until the final challenge is reached - the Royal model, packed with problems scattered through its 54 screens. There's at least one power point to be activated on each level of a Pyramid and all the floors that comprise a Pyramid have to be switched on before you can turn your attention to the next model. Watch the condition of the spheroid as collisions with obstacles cause energy loss that can be fatal - water, daggers and sparks of electricity need to be avoided.

Helpful features in the maze include energy boosters that automatically recharge the spheroid's batteries, anti-grav pads that hurl the sphere into the air and permeable sections of floor that allow the sphere to leap through to the next level. There are also accelerators that increase the speed setting to maximum as the sphere rolls over them and transporters that link levels.