Power Gate [Model PV1008]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 30 years ago by Pack-In-Video

Power Gate [Model PV1008] screenshot

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Power Gate © 1991 Pack-In-Video Company, Limited.

Pack-In-Video was not the most amazing publisher for the PC Engine system and here they are back with the horizontal shooter Power Gate. The player takes control of a high-tech fighter plane and fly through canyons, enemy cities and giant battle cruisers. The fighter plane starts with a simple and slow vulcan gun which can be upgraded during the game by destroying flashing enemies, often in the shape of planes or missiles. Other power-ups are also available, like ground bombs or energy-cells restoring one of your plane shield bar. However, your fighting plane can also carry a secondary weapon. There are six of them including Homing missiles, Napalm Bomb, 8-ways and even one interesting option which will mirror your plane and triple its fire-power. This secondary weapons are triggered using the other action button, they can be collected in the same way the other items are and can be stocked up.


Game ID: PV1008


Released on August 30, 1991 in Japan for 6200 Yen.

November 1991 - Consoles + N.2 [FR]: 35/100

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Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com