Power Factory featuring C+C Music Factory [Model T-93035]

Sega CD published 28 years ago by Sony Imagesoft

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Power Factory featuring C+C Music Factory © 1993 Sony Imagesoft.

Punch it, homeboy. It's your shift at the C+C Music Factory. In this revolutionary new interactive Make Your Own Music Video for the Sega CD, it's up to you to boost productivity and hammer out fresh new music videos for platinum artists C+C. Dig into a hefty load of digitized video images ranging from special effects, animation, and scenes from dozens of famous movies, to footage shot by Clivilles and Cole exclusively for this disc. If you can take the heat and deliver the goods, your buddies down the line will gratefully tip their hard hats and keep the hard-driving foreman off your back. Turn in a world class effort and C+C will skip their board meeting to congratulate you personally with Factory honors and a bonus. The special edit mode lets you work overtime for a really polished product. Prove it to your friends by making a hard copy on your VCR.


GAME ID: T-93035


Executive Producer: Martin Erlichman, Tom Zito
Original Concept By: Tom Zito, Kenneth Melville
Written By: Christian Williams
Computer Programming By: Ken Soohoo
Produced By: Kevin Welsh, Tim Tennant
Directed By: Chris Painter

Dwayne: LaMont E. Johnson
Franklin: Phil LaMarr
Maureen: Patricia Clipper
Pasty Face Man: Adam Dubov

Unit Production Manager: Larry Serraino
Assistant Director: Larry Silver
Director of Photography: Harry Dawson
Art Director: Nick Goodman
Production Coordinator: Chris van Howten
Production Supervisor: Harriet Cheng
Post Production Supervisor: Rik Sandoval
Editors: Jon Levy, Lary Moten, Tim Preston, Stew Harty, Joel Negron
Post Production Coordinator: Victor Bank
Project Coordinator: Lisa Lindo Lieblein
Production Accountants: Yogi Ruparella, Mona Alm
Prop Mistress: Carole Cooke
Lead Person: Josh Cox
Camera Assistant: Brian Garbellini
Gaffer: Joey Alvarado
Best Boy: Rick Petretti
Key Grip: Chris Kennard
Best Boy Grip: Mark Skupen
Swing: Stan Howard, Jason Struck
Prop Assistant: Eddie Bernard
Sound Mixer: Lee Alexander
Boom Operator: Lee Archer
Video Technician: Brian Gaetke
Teleprompter: Jamie Stevens
Wardrobe Stylist: Kelly Conway
Makeup/Hair: Peter Serraino
Makeup/Hair Assistant: Kathleen Crawford
Script Supervisor: Jean Finley
Assistant Production Coordinator: Ned Doyle
Librarian: Wendy Walters
Receptionist: Susan Pickle
Production Assistants: Jane Gurtiza, Barri Martin, Jim Cherene, Patrick Meyers, Matthew Stoic, Johnie Mitchell
Research/Clip & Music Clearance: Suzy Vaughn Associates, Rosanna Barton, Rebecca Pavlik

Producer: Rich Robinson
Assistant Producer: Nathan Rose

Director, Computer Graphics: Lode Coen
Computer Graphics: Cuyler Gee, Joshua Solomon
Associate Producer: Dena Maheras
Office Manager: Dee Decker
Production Assistants: Hilary Springfield, Jayne Cotten, Joan Bierman


Game's CD.