Power Factor [Model PA2109]

Atari Lynx cart. published 29 years ago by Atari

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Power Factor © 1992 Atari Corp.

Power Factor is a fast-paced action adventure in which the great hero Redd Ace explores a nuclear reactor while blasting evil Sinlendo Techmods with his Tmat MOW.

On the famous Atarian Leisure Moon there is a video game experience like no other--the Virtual Reality Simulator. The VRS features a simulation of a true historical event: Redd Ace's heroic mission into the heart of the Ceegarian Power Station to recover the bomb components needed to defeat the evil invading Sinlendo techmods. The Techmods had taken over Redd's dimension. The rightful inhabitants had all fled or been destroyed. Redd returned to take back what belonged to him and his people. Armed only with the Tmat MOW, the TRANS MAT Multi-Ordnance Weapon, Redd went into the reactor, which had become the Techmod stronghold. He had to find the six hidden bomb components and destroy the invaders.

Redd succeeded, barely. The event became the most famous episode in Atarian history, the subject of films, books, and legends.

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Cartridge ID: PA2109


[FR] April 1993 - Consoles + No. 19: 85/100


Redd scores by destroying Sinlendo Techmods as follows:
Hatchers: 2 points
Spyder Egg: 2 points
Lazerdomes: 3 points
Prowlers: 4 points
Silos: 5 points
Orbs: 5 points
Claws: 5 points
Spyder: 5 points
Druids: 7 points

These scones are based on an easy game. In a normal game, scores are doubled. In a hard game, scones are four times what is listed.


* The basic strategy is simple: blasts all the Techmods before Redd is destroyed.

* Learn to use the map. Without it, Redd is Redd meat.

* Be cautious against Master Techmods. You need to blast them relentlessly, but that won't do any good if they destroy Redd first.

* When Redd's fuel runs out, especially when fighting Master Techmods, it is sometimes smart to let Redd find a safe place and wait for the fund to regenerate. Fuel regenerates slowly, but a little fuels is better than none, especially when it comes to shooting at high targets.

* Use the Multi Mon to view and change weapons until you are familiar with each weapons. The information the Multi-Mon provides includes descriptions and hints about each weapon. When you ate familiar enough with the weapons, you can change weapons without using the Multi-Mon.

* Invincibility: During the game, when not standing next to a monitor, press OPTION 2 to enter the bomb parts screen. Then, press Up, Right, Up, Left, Down. The game will buzz, and you're invincible. Doing the trick again turns off invincible mode.

* Weapon Power-Up: During the game, when not standing next to a monitor, press OPTION 2 to enter the 'bomb parts' screen. Then, press Down, Down, Down, Down, Right, Up, OPTION 2 to have all weapons at full strength.

* Stage Select: During the game, stand next to a monitor, and press OPTION 2 to enter the map screen. Then, press Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Right. The game will buzz. Now you can press Up or Down to choose a level (the number in the lower-right corner of the screen indicates the level number). Pressing Up and Down also toggles the score between 00000 (go to start of level) and 00128 (go to end of level). When you've got the level you want, press OPTION 2 to go there.


Programmers: Rob Nicholson, John May


Game's ROM.