Power Boat GT [Model STD]

Arcade Video game published 12 years ago by Injoy Motion

Power Boat GT [Model STD] screenshot

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Power Boat GT [Model STD] © 2009 Injoy Motion Corp.

It's a race to the finish aboard your luxury watercraft! Choose from 10 different boats to race across international courses including Russia, Greece and the Caribbean. Hit the ramps to catch some air, collect power-ups to gain a temporary advantage in the fight for the finish.


Could link up to four units.


Power Boat GT was initially released in a Super Deluxe (SDX) form, featuring a giant two seat motion simulator cabinet that sold for approximately $22,000USD. The STD models were created in 2009 as a response to Raw Thrills' H2Overdrive, removing the motion base entirely. This made them superior only in price as the game suffered from a poor below 30FPS frame rate while H2Overdrive played at a consistent & smooth 60FPS.

The SDX model was introduced in May 2008 at the GTI Asia Taipei Expo with STD and MDX models shown later that year. MDX units were middle-ground between the STD and SDX models with a larger single seat that featured a motion base.

Also released in MDX format,

SDX Units featured six fans on each side of the monitor that were used to create a wind effect


Sometime later, the software was updated to V2.0 to address some of the frame rate problems while also making some improvements to gameplay.