Power Blade II [Model NES-PB-USA]

Export Nintendo NES cart. published 29 years ago by Taito America

Power Blade II [Model NES-PB-USA] screenshot

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Power Blade II © 1992 Taito America Corp.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See original "Captain Saver [Model TFC-CS-5900(46)]" for more information about the game itself.

Description from the back cover:

Time to sharpen the blade!
NOVA is suddenly called to take action against a cyborg army. The Delta Foundation has developed a line of fighting robots that pose a threat to national security. NOVA has been picked to eliminate the danger by destroying the Delta Foundation - all five locations. Fortunately, he will be using different suits which give him the ability to walk on ceilings, swim long distances, and fly - not to mention the latest top secret suit. And of course, NOVA will be wielding the ancient Power Blade, a weapon of art and science. He must draw on all his skills and cunning to defeat these near-perfect fighting machines!




Released in October 1992 in the USA.


Game's ROM.