Porsche Challenge [Model SCES-00409]

The Sony PlayStation Game by Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


[CONSOLE] Sony PlayStation Game

Porsche Challenge © 1997 Sony Computer Ent., Inc.


Game ID: SCES-00409


Released on July 01, 1997 in Europe.

Export releases:
usa "Porsche Challenge [Model SCUS-94187]"
japan "Porsche Challenge [Model SIPS-60016]"


Created By: SCEE Internal Development
Senior Programmers: Mark D. Green, Richard Lee, Allan Murphy
Programmers: Michael Braithwaite, Paul N. Stapley
Lead Artist: Jason Millson
Graphic Artists: Sam Coates, David Hamblin, Ravinder Singh, Rolf Mohr
Assistant Producer and Manual: Richard Skews
Internal Development Manager: Pascal Jarry
Additional Artwork: Julian Hughes-Watts, Mark Prettyman, Alessandro Tento
Music and Sound Design: Jason Page
QA Manager: Tony Bourne
Head of Internal Testing: Steven Archer
Lead Internal Tester: Jim McCabe
Internal Testers: Dominic Berzins, Bradley Davey, Chris Moseley, Alan Stubbs, Martin Waterfield
Marketing: Spencer Crossley
Packaging & Manual Design: Nadim Othman
Special Thanks: All at Porsche, Peter Metzdorf (Porsche), Gerhard Braun (Porsche), SCEE Developer Support, Paul Holman, Richard Milner, Vince Diesi, Malachy Duffin, Colin Hughes, David Virapen

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