Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

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Porky's © 1983 20th Century Fox

You play as Edward 'Pee Wee' Morris, who, despite his shortcomings, strives to get revenge on Porky, the owner of the bar that dissed Pee Wee and his friends.


Model 11013

The difficulty settings:
Left difficulty switch set to A=Shower scene most difficult.
Left difficulty switch set to B=Shower scene less difficult.
Right difficulty switch set to A=Swamp scene most difficult.
Right difficulty switch set to B=Swamp scene less difficult.
B&W/Color switch set to black & white=Balbricker most aggressive.
B&W/Color switch set to color=Balbricker less aggressive.


County Line
You begin at the county line. You must move up from highway lane to highway lane without getting hit. You get points for dodging various obstacles on your way to Porky's.

Motor Boat=1 point
The Police=100 points
Porky's Girls=200 points
Attack Pigs=400 points
Porky's Bouncers=800 points
Pig Mobile=1600 points
Last Band=3200 points

Porky's Bar
After you get all the way to the top, you enter Porky's Bar, where you have to travel the correct path up the scaffolding, planting charges as you go. If you get to the top, there will be a detonator and so long Porky's! If you fall and Porky catches you, it is off to the swamp.

Porky catches you=lose 200 points
What points you get for exiting the scaffolding depends on the difficulty you have set the game to. The points are from 100 to 3200.

The Swamp
If you get caught on any other screen, you end up here. You must pole vault up and release when in mid-flight to get up to one of the platforms.

The first time you are there, you have to collect bricks then place then on the wall on the other side until you can climb out.

If you are sent to the swamp a second time, you can climb out right away but look out for Porky.

Place a brick=100 points
Getting out of the swamp screen=100 points
Each pole vault jump=lose 25 points
Falling into swamp=lose 100 points
Caught by Porky=lose a random number of points

The Shower
Push the random object that appears at center, top into the pit at the bottom without getting caught by Ms. Balbricker or falling in the pit then climb out the top back to the county line. Every time you get through the shower, you stop or slow a lane on the highway.

You get 100 points for pushing an object into the pit.
You lose 200 points if you fall in the pit or are caught by Ms. Balbricker.
Every ten seconds you are in the shower, you lose ten points so don't dawdle.


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