Popeye [Model PB5370]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Parker Bros.

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Popeye © 1983 Parker Bros.

In this game, you're POPEYE! And your goal is to catch all of Olive's hearts, notes, and Xs (smooches!) before they hit the water and sink or before Brutus or the Sea Hag's bottles knock you overboard. Each time you complete a round, you'll automatically proceed to the next--and more difficult one.


Model PB5370


The number of points for each heart, note, or X (smooch) caught depends upon which platform Popeye is on when he catches it.

EXAMPLE: If Popeye is on platform #2 when he catches any kind of token from Olive, you gain 300 points. If he is on platform #4, the token is worth 50 points.

Platform #1: 500 points
Platform #2: 300 points
Platform #3: 100 points
Platform #4: 50 points
Tokens in Water: 50 points
Punching Bottles: 100 points
Knocking Brutus Overboard: 3,000 points

Bonus Popeye: You'll receive a bonus Popeye after the first 20,000 points accumulated.

Double Points: Remember, you'll receive double the point value of a token if Popeye catches it while the "POPEYE THEME" is playing (after Popeye picks up the spinach).


Programmer: Joe Gaucher

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