Pop Corn Sez [Model 68]

Vending Machine published 80 years ago by Emerson Bros. Mfg.

Impossible to emulate.

Pop Corn Sez © 1941 Emerson Brothers' Mfg. Co.

Automatic quintette vendor


[Model 68]


Founded by Frank P Emerson in 1941, Emerson Bros. Mfg Co went on to create a series of 12 different models of Pop Corn, coin-operated, vending machines under the copyrighted name of 'Pop Corn Sez'.

After the outbreak of World War II, Emerson converted his manufacturing facilities to the design and manufacturing of airplane (pilot) seat belts and pioneered the five strap buckle release used by Allied pilots.

Frank Emerson was also the first person to introduce convections (specifically popcorn) to theaters pioneering the multi-billion dollar industry it is today.

Under the trade name 'Sun-Puft Popcorn', Frank Emerson ended up building a dozen popcorn popping plants throughout the nation with each plant producing an avaerge of one ton of popcorn per day.


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