Pool 10

A 22-year-old Arcade Video Game by CMC

Emulated in MAME !

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Pool 10 © 1996 C.M.C.


Main CPU : M65C02
Sound Chips : General Instrument AY8910

Players : 1
Buttons : 7


In Italy many people became addicted to videopokers. They put so much money on them, and they had to sell the house. Also some engineers modified video pokers to do less wins and so on... Because of this the government did some laws in order to regulate videopokers wins. Starting from around 1996/1997 there were subsequent laws because engineers always found a way to elude them.

Today all the videopokers need to be connected via AAMS net (a government society dedicated to games) which check if the videopoker is regular. Nowadays it's difficult to trick and the video poker has to give 75% of wins. This has made videopoker market to collapse and infact there aren't many videopokers left. Also because the laws changed very often and old videopokers became illegal was a very bad thing for bar owners because they couldn't earn enough money. Pool 10 was apparently the "father" of other Italian gambling games. As soon as it became illegal, was converted to "Cuore 1", "Elephant Family", "Tortuga Family" and other games. Engineers always found a simple way to elude the law.

Game's ROM.