Pole Position [Model CX5217]

A 35-year-old Atari 5200 Game by Atari, Inc.

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Pole Position © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

The object of POLE POSITION is to finish the big race in the shortest possible time and score maximum points. But before you can enter the race, you have to qualify for it by completing the Qualifying Lap in 73 seconds or less. If you qualify, you're assigned one of eight positions in the starting lineup and you earn a Position Bonus. The faster your lap time, the better your position, and the more bonus points you score. Try for the number one spot, the Pole Position.

If you don't qualify, you can race until the Race Timer runs out after 90 seconds. You score 50 points ever 5 meters and earn 50 bonus points every time you pass a car. When the timer runs out, your passing bonus is added to your score. Then GAME OVER (plus the race and lap options) appears on your screen. Press the START button to repeat the Qualifying Lap.

NOTE: POLE POSITION goes into Auto-Play mode approximately 1 minute after GAME OVER appears on your television screen.

In the big race, you're racing against time as well as other cars. If you fail to beat the Race Timer on any lap, you're dropped out of the race. After your passing bonus is added to your score, the game ends. Press START and qualify for the next race.

If you complete the final lap and cross the finish line, you're a real winner! You score high on distance covered, collect a passing bonus, and earn 200 bonus points for each second left on the Race Timer.


Model CX5217


* MAKE A FAST START: In the Qualifying Lap, be prepared to take off as soon as your Formula 1 racer appears on the screen. The start is everything when you're qualifying for position.

* USE THE INSIDE TRACK: Stay on the inside lane as much as possible. You can travel faster and maneuver more easily around other cars. on curves, it's easier to cross from the inside to the outside than the other way around.

* GO FLAT OUT ON STRAIGHTS: This is where you can make time.

* AVOID SKIDS: Try to keep your car on the road to prevent skids. Skidding slows you down and gives other cars a chance to outdistance you. Remember, you earn 50 points for every car you pass.

* PASS ON THE SHOULDER: Running on the red-and-white shoulder slows you down, but it can sometimes be the fastest and easiest way to overtake cars. Just be careful not to run into any road signs.

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