Pole Position [Cockpit model]

Arcade Video game published 39 years ago by NAMCO

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Pole Position (c) 1982 Namco.

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[Cockpit model]

The cockpit version of Pole Position was shipped in 2 pieces that were screwed together on location. It had little in the way of decoration inside, but the white exterior was covered in detailed race car scenes that were much more attractive than those on the upright. Unlike the upright version which only had a gas pedal, the cockpit version had both a gas pedal AND a brake pedal.

Game ID : PP

Main CPU : Zilog Z80 (also drives the sound), Zilog Z8002 (x2)
Sound Chips : Namco 6-channel stereo WSG, DAC (engine sound), discrete circuitry (crash and skid sounds), custom DAC (speech)

Players : 1
Controls : Steering wheel, gear shifter (Hi and Low)
Pedals : Accelerator and Brake


Released in July 1982 in Japan.

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1. Pole Position (1982)
2. Pole Position II (1983)
3. Final Lap (1987)
4. Final Lap UR (1988)
5. Final Lap Twin (1989, NEC PC-Engine)
6. Final Lap 2 (1990)
7. Final Lap 3 (1992)
8. Final Lap R (1994)
9. Final Lap 2000 (2000, Bandai WonderSwan)
10. Final Lap Special (2001, Bandai WonderSwan Color)


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