Polaris [Model 7-007]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Tigervision

Polaris [Model 7-007] screenshot

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Polaris © 1983 Tigervision.

You're the commander of a Polaris class nuclear submarine. Your mission is to defend your country from enemy attack.

War has been declared and you find yourself deep in enemy water with no help. In your battle, you will be required to defend against wave after wave of enemy planes and dive bombers. To make things worse, the enemy has sent their own subs and destroyers. In the course of your battles, you will need to maneuver through dangerous channels full of mines. Don't expect a short war and the battles get rougher, how many of the enemy can you destroy before they get you.


Model 7-007


Programmer: Robert H. O'Neil


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