Planet of the Apes

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

Planet of the Apes screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Planet of the Apes © 1983 20th Century Fox.

You play the role of Col. George Taylor. Your mission is to guide Col. Taylor through a series of screens as he avoids an army of apes and makes his way towards the Forbidden Zone. There are three different kinds of apes in this game, and they all move in a straight line across the screen from right to left.


For years Planet of the Apes had been misidentified as another 20th Century Fox prototype called Alligator People. This was because the first Planet of the Apes prototype was found in case labeled Alligator People and since no screenshots of either game existed, there was no reason to doubt the name on the label. However, after much research it was discovered that this game was in fact really John Marvin's lost Planet of the Apes game. It's obvious that Planet of the Apes still had some work to be done, but was finished enough to go through initial playtesting. However, before programmer John Marvin could finish it, he left 20th Century Fox to go work for Epyx. Since 20th Century Fox closed down its video game unit three months later, Planet of the Apes was never completed and released.


Chimpanzees - These little guys are harmless and can be touched without fear. Shooting them is worth 3 points.

Orangutans - Orangutans are a bit bigger and a lot more dangerous than the Chimpanzees. Touching them will get you captured and cost you 1 life unit. Shooting a Chimpanzee is worth 200 points.

Gorillas - Gorillas are the most dangerous of all the apes. Not only can they capture you, but they can shoot at you as well. Being shot will cost you 2 life units and shooting them is worth only 42 points!


Programmer: John Marvin


Game's ROM.