Planet Harriers

A 17-year-old Arcade Video Game by SEGA Enterprises

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Planet Harriers © 2001 Sega.

A great 3-D sequel the players can choose between four characters and must run along the ground or fly through the air using the classic jetpack and gun under your arm to blast away at waves of oncoming creatures. Dodge the enemy's projectiles and destroy the boss creatures at the end of each level to go to next levels.

When diplomacy fails, you get the call! You're the last hope!

The Planet is teetering on the brink of disaster! The forces of evil are at work trying to overthrow kind and gentle people. Only the Hyper Soldiers from Earth can keep the planet from falling under a future of domination and persecution!

Failure cannot be an option!!


Planet Harriers the Arcade Video Game
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Runs on the Sega "Hikaru" hardware.


Planet Harriers was released in December 2000 in Japan.

The final boss, 'Deadris', and his 125 block parts is a tribute to "Tetris".


* Score Display : in the character selection screen, press BIG BOMB button 5 times then START. Score and Lock-on Rate are always displayed in playing the game

* Mirror Mode : in the character selection screen, roll a lever 10-12 times

* 2nd Lap :
1) Finish the game without continue. After name entry, 'Next New Game' message is displayed and 2nd lap starts.
2) In the character selection screen, move cursor to Cory then press START button 15 times.


1. Space Harrier (1985)
2. Space Harrier 3D [Model G-1349] (1988, Sega Mark III)
3. Space Harrier II [Model G-4002] (1988, Sega Mega Drive)
4. Space Harrier - Return to the Fantasy Zone (1989, Commodore Amiga)
5. Planet Harriers (2001)

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