Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles

A 27-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Zeppelin Games

Not emulated in MAME


Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles © 1991 Zeppelin Games

Phileas Fogg, the world-renowned traveller and explorer, has volunteered for a dangerous and daring mission.

Taking off in his Hydrogen Balloon with high pressure directional thrust, Philleas must scout hostile enemy fire regions dropping bombs on enemy positions, and land with his precious information at the feet of the Allied Commander.

Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles takes you on a breathtaking journey through a field of war in 1871. Above you is a Balloon filled with one of the most explosive substances known to man, Hydrogen.

Using the Wind and the Balloon's High Pressure Thrust, you must scout the area mapping enemy positions whilst avoiding the enemy forces who are ready to blow Phileas out of the sky with gunshot and cannon.

Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles is no leisurely cruise around the atmosphere, but a fast roller-coaster kind of ride with instant death only one misjudgement away.


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