Perfect Weapon [Model SCES-00341]

A 22-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by ASC Games

Not emulated in MAME


Perfect Weapon © 1996 ASC Games.


Game ID: SCES-00341


Released on January 27, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[JP] "Body Hazard [Model SLPS-00865]"


Original Concept: David J. Klein
Original Design: David J. Klein, Howard Schwartz, Luciano Manente
Executive Producers: David J. Klein, Howard Schwartz
Associate Producer: Luciano Manente
Artwork Packaging: Leslie Cullen, Sharon Wood
Manual: Jayson Bernstein, Shamus Bowker, Fred Bratteson, David J. Klein, Luciano Manente, Michael Masone, Howard Schwartz, Sharon Wood
Voice Talent: Terry Torok, Susan Didrichsen
Testers: Richard Lorenzo, Steven Lorenzo, Michelangelo D'Amico
We Owe Our Essence To: Sam Bowker, Scott Fentress, Jana Gabe, Jason Gomez, Steve Grossman, Kelly McAllen, Marcello Praino
Extra Special Thanks: Kang Suh Chung, Bill Kosovitich

Gray Matter
Design: Gray Matter
Producer: Rob Anderson
Assistant Producer: Derek Tam
Project Leader: Mark Johnston
Art Leader: Bryce Cochrane
Programming: Mark Johnston, Spencer Craske, Andrew Harris
GUI Programming: Glen Rhodes
Game Animation: Bryce Cohcrane, Alex Mark, Ian Llyod
Environments: Brian Foster, Yi Zhao, Michael Sneath, Paul Stafford
Character Models: Yi Zhao, Alex Brian, Brian Foster
Textures: Grant Corless
Cinema Scenes: Brian Foster, Alex Mark
Video Editing: Dennis Mohr
Tool Development: Alan Penford, Tony Yui, Mike Coons, Gard Abrahamsen
Music and Sound: Mark Kerr
Writer: Calvin Campbell
Concept Art / Storyboard: Paulo Bugatto, Ian Llyod
Assistant: Jamie McNeely
Lead Testing: Quincy Roach
Testing: Derek Tam, Hugh Cruttenden, Jamie McNeely, Mike Inglehart, Kwame Neiuman-Brenang, Paulo Bugatto
Thanks to: : Adam Mock, Glen Hamilton
Special Thanks to: : Kell O'Keefe, Marnie Wyse, Kim Keskinen