Penguin Adventure

A 30-year-old Arcade Video Game by Screen

Emulated in MAME !

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Penguin Adventure © 1988 screen.


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* Heart: there is 4 types: red, green, blue and yellow.
Red: 1000 pts
Green: Timer +50
Blue: Ride a cloud and you can fly
Yellow: Invincibility and you can break by body-attack

* Basic Items you can buy:
Gun: Fire and kill an enemy/boss.
Gold Feather: It enables moving left/right in jumping.
Hat with Propeller: It enables long jump. Flight duration is increased with holding Jump button.
Speed Shoes: Max speed up (8 though default is 6)
Bell: Warning tone is played when "Warp" point comes near.
Necklace: You can play a slot-machine as many times as you want (Default is 3 times)
Ring: No damage against sea anemone in the sea
Bracelet: It is required to get secret items
Gold Helmet: Guard a lighting attack by Mun-muku 3 times
Silver Helmet: Guard body-attack by Uniya and Harisen-uni 3 times
Cloth: Guard body-attack by Ahou and Bat 3 times
Glasses: It enables you to see the invisible enemy "Vega".
Torch: No damage when you hit the attack by Ika-dasu.
Map: It requires to finish several stage (otherwise, you zapped...)

* Bonus Stage: If you are in jumping at Dist = 420, wing item appears and you can go to bonus stage.
Get normal fish and golden fish (1UP!) before you hit a meteo or time over.

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