PDC World Championship Darts [Model SLES-54111]

A 12-year-old Sony PlayStation 2 Game by Oxygen Games

Not emulated in MAME


PDC World Championship Darts © 2006 Oxygen Games.

Challenge the champions and bring victory home with PDC World Championship Darts.

Featuring ten PDC professional darts players and real PDC tournaments such as the Las Vegas Desert Classic, the UK Open and the World Championship. With a unique and intuitive control system for maximum realism and TV-like presentation, complete with commentary from the voice of darts Sid Waddell and top-class referee Russ Bray calling out the scores, PDC World Championship Darts brings you the ultimate darts experience. You can also play in numerous party games for multiplayer fun, such as Around the Clock, Killer, Shanghai and more. You can even create your own player and take on the world's best players in career mode.


Game ID: SLES-54111


Developed by Mere Mortals

Oxygen Interactive
CEO: Jim Scott
Publishing Director: Kevin Hassall
Finance Director: Matt Bass
Head of Marketing: David Young
Product Manager: Phillippa Carroll
External Producer: David Wiltshire
Operations: Henry Allen
With special thanks to: Rachel Bichener, Steve Hadler, Sarah Hartland, Thorsten Heinze, Dom Lack, Gez Purcell, Marc Roberts, Spencer Scott
Extra Special Thanks to: Dave, Tim, Barry Hearn, Steve, Katy, Lynette, Dan, David, Jay, Andy, Matt, Gary, Mick, Davey, Sam

Mere Mortals
Managing Director: David Jeffries
Technical Director: Graeme Love
Operations Director: Mick Stockton
Lead Programmer: Martin Elliott
Audio Programming: Neil Richardson
Game Programming: Antony Carter
Interface Programming Bruce Nesbit
Physics Programming: Gavin Wood
Programming: Andrew Blackwell, Michael Dunn
Concept and 3D Character Modelling: Richard Edwards
Technical Art/Animation and Editor: Marcus Pilkington
Lead Animator: Bryony Catlow
Enviroment and Lighting: Anthony McGrath
Interface Artist: Isabel Foster
Minigame and Flash Artist: David Tailford
Intro Artist: David Miller
QA Lead: Steve Coates
Audio Production: Dave McPhee
Scriptwriting: Andrew Smith
Motion Graphics: Michael Coates
Footage Editing: Dave Bell, John Kyle
Consultant/Licensing Agent: Gary Simpson
Support and Logistics: Rachel Beattie, Michelle McGuire

Darts Talent: Mark Dudbridge, Adrian Lewis, Colin Lloyd, Peter Manley, Wayne Mardle, John Part, Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Alan Warriner-Little
Audio Commentary: Sid Waddell, Russ Bray