PD Soft Disk #3037: ASokoban & Solar System Wars

Commodore Amiga 500 disk. published by PD Soft

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PD Soft Disk #3037: ASokoban & Solar System Wars © 199? PD Soft

ASokoban Ver. 1.1, an implementation of the UNIX game Sokoban for the Amiga. Has the original 85 levels of the UNIX game, a nice Intuition GUI, undo and backup functions, and is fully multitasking.

Solar System Wars is a game similar to Space Wars, pitting two players against each other, in orbit around 0 to 3 stars. You can choose from 48 different solar systems, or use the random system selector for a different challenge every round.
A variety of weapons are available.


Asokoban Author: Panagiotis Christias


PD's Disk.