Pac-Man Party 3D [Model CTR-AP9J-JPN]

A 6-year-old Nintendo 3DS Game by NAMCO Bandai Games, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Pac-Man Party 3D © 2012 Namco Bandai Games, Incorporated.

PAC-MAN PARTY 3D brings together family and friends with a fun experience that includes dozens of mini-games for gamers to play with or against each other. Perfect for the whole family, PAC-MAN PARTY 3D features a variety of control styles that utilize the system's buttons, touchscreen, microphone, and accelerometer. With support for download play, friends can join in on the fun using just one cartridge shared across Nintendo 3DS systems.




Pac-Man Party 3D for Nintendo 3DS was released on March 22, 2012 in Japan.

In the "Classic Games" mode, selectable from the main menu, three Namco arcade classics are available for play : "Pac-Man", "Galaga", and "Dig Dug".

Export releases:
[EU] "Pac-Man Party 3D [Model CTR-AP9P-EUR]"
[US] "Pac-Man Party 3D [Model CTR-AP9E-USA]"
[AU] "Pac-Man Party 3D [Model CTR-AP9P-AUS]"