Pac-in-Time [Model SHVC-APTJ-JPN]

A 23-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by NAMCO

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???????? © 1995 Namco, Limited.


Pac In Time is a side scrolling platform game by Namco and features the world's most popular little yellow ball-shaped character ever made. As the story goes, Pac Man has been thrown into the whirlpool of time by an evil witch. The goal of the game is fairly simple - Pac Man must travel through five different worlds and retrieve all the small Pac-Pellets hidden within them. Unlike the original game, Pac Man can this time use four different super-powers (symbolized by large rotating rings), giving him various abilities : magic rope (green ring), fireballs (yellow ring), close range hammer (red ring) and the swim bubble (blue ring). Each ability needs to be strategically used to overcome traps and obstacles. For instance, the hammer can be used to break wood logs or rocks blocking the way or the rope to swing over deadly spikes or acid pools. Many enemies, including the trademark ghosts, obviously try to stop Pac Man in his quest. Thankfully, special power-pullets can be collected and used to defeat them in a typical Pac Man manner. However, all the other enemies have to be defeated with the hammer or by shooting fireballs at them. An exit door is hidden in every stage which only unlocks when all the Pac-Pellets are collected. A password is also given to the player every six levels or so to save his progress.




Released on January 03, 1995 in Japan for 7900 Yen.


Area passwords:
Area 06 - SMPSN
Area 11 - CVFTZ
Area 16 - BPQGY
Area 21 - TRQCZ
Area 26 - CQQSH
Area 31 - STFVF
Area 36 - DJZZZ
Area 41 - BLBJN
Area 46 - DFLTQ

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;