Orientalischer Zauberer

A 121-year-old Coin-op Musical Instrument by Unknown

Impossible to emulate


Orientalischer Zauberer © 1897 Unknown.

After dropping a coin into the slot, the magician begins the representation, accompanished by a vivacious music-piece. With his magic wand he shows us a flower-vase and a basket with eggs and then he makes both to be exchanged. After this the electric light extinguishe and no the corners of the room appear the pictures of he emperor and empress of Germany.


Orientalischer Zauberer the Coin-op Musical Instrument
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Dimensions : 260 x 85 x 75 cm.

The magician, is made in wax, with natural hair of the head and beard. The dress is black silk with rich gold ornaments.


The title of this machine translates from Germany as 'Oriental Magician'.

Machine's picture.
Ernst Holzweissig Nachf.'s 1898 Export Catalogue - Page 43