Olympic Challenge

A 34-year-old Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. by Century City Soft.

Olympic Challenge screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Olympic Challenge © 1984 Century City Software.

Have you got the speed, strength and athleticism required to take on the Olympic Challenge?

Run the 100 and 400 metres and fly the hurdles, try if you can to survive the 1500 metre run, see how far and how high you can jump.

Throw the shot putt, discus and javelin as far as you can. Different skills are required for each event, especially
careful timing and good judgement of throwing and jumping angles.

To score well, you need lightning reactions to press the running keys as quickly as possible.

You can play against the computer or with as many as three of three of your friends. Each event may be practised individually before the competition.


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