Odyssey 100

Dedicated Console published 47 years ago by Magnavox, The

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Odyssey 100 © 1975 The Magnavox Co.

The first model in Magnavox's Pong console series. All of them were labeled Odyssey (just like their first console released in 1972) followed by a number.

Features 2 games: Tennis and Hockey.


Controls: 3 knobs for each player (vertical movements, horizontal movements, english effect)

CPU: discrete components + Texas Instruments chips

Switches: game selection (A or B), power ON/OFF, video channel (3 or 4), sound (on/off)

Colors: Black & white

Sound: Built-in speaker


The TENNIS game was very basic. It was formed of two paddles, a vertical line and a ball. Two knobs were used to adjust the game: one to center the vertical line and one to set the ball speed. A little piezzo beeper was used for the few beeps of the games, and each player controlled the game using three knobs (one for moving vertically, one for moving horizontally, and one for the english effect which modified the trajectory of the ball to 'fake' the opponent).

The Odyssey 100 was very basic and didn't have the common features of the million-seller PONG systems of the next years. The knobs were fixed: there were no detachable controllers yet. There was no digital on-screen scoring: the players marked their score using two little plastic cursors on the system. The serve couldn't be changed: it was automatic.

This could seem strange compared to the first Atari PONG systems which already had digital on-screen scoring. In fact, this was just a question of technology. On-screen scoring would have required additional components, which would have increased the cost of the system. Nevertheless, on-screen scoring was added in later systems although the first attempts used archaic graphics. The first Magnavox system to offer digital on-screen was the Odyssey 300 in 1976.


1. Odyssey 100 (1975)
2. Odyssey 200 (1975)
3. Odyssey 300 (1976)
4. Odyssey 400 (1976)
5. Odyssey 500 (1976)
6. Odyssey 2000 (1977)
7. Odyssey 3000 (1977)
8. Odyssey 4000 (1977)


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