Ocean Pearl


The Slot Machine by Konami

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Slot Machine

Ocean Pearl © 2002 Konami Corp.


Runs on the Konami Endeavour Series hardware.


Despite this game being an update and graphics swap of "Incan Pyramid", this game is only available with the Wild Fire progressive jackpot built in, whereas "Incan Pyramid" was also a stand-alone game without the jackpot.

One version at Crown Casino (Australia) originally had a bug with the then-new EGM Info screen causing the game to crash when the button was pressed. The bug was fixed shortly after. Most Ocean Pearl games don't have an EGM Info screen.


1) Treasures of the Inca (1998)
2) Incan Pyramid (2001)
3) Ocean Pearl (2002)
4) Rapid Fire (2005)