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Nosferatu [Model SHVC-NS]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 25 years ago by Seta

Nosferatu [Model SHVC-NS] screenshot

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??????? © 1994 Seta Company, Limited.


Norferatu is a creepy side-scrolling action game by Seta and features many kind of blood feeding vampires and other werewolf monsters. The player takes control of Kyle who is determined to rescue his beloved girlfriend Erin from the hands of the evil vampire Nosferatu. Everything starts inside a dark and humid cell and our character has to escape and embark on a long journey that will take him to vampire's forbidden castle. Thankfully, a passageway hidden in the ground allows him to run away... but not very far and he quickly encounters his first enemy in a shape of a slow zombie-like humanoid monster. The game features countless traps, puzzles to solve and a great deal of monsters to defeat. Kyle starts off the game with only the ability to punch his enemies. However, special red crystals can be collected on the way (often after defeating enemies) and can upgrade his abilities and later trigger powerful combos and other kick attacks. Other crystals can also be found and have different powers - green ones, usually hidden inside chests, give him some health back whereas blue crystals extent his maximum life. Kile can run, jump, grab onto ledges or slide through tiny gaps in the ground. Norferatu features six vast non-linear and time limited areas with mini-bosses and a tougher and nastier boss waiting at the end of each one of them. The game offers infinite continues but no saving option.


Cartridge ID: SHVC-NS


Released on October 07, 1994 in Japan.

Export releases;
[US] "Nosferatu [Model SNS-NS-USA]"

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com