Nokia 3210

A 19-year-old Mobile Phone by Nokia

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Nokia 3210 © 1999 Nokia.

GSM cellular phone. Three games came preinstalled: Snake, Memory (pairs-memory game), and Rotation.


Nokia 3210 the Mobile Phone
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The Nokia 3210 has a total weight of 153g. The handset measures 123.8mm x 50.5mm x 16.7mm (min), 22.5mm (max) and features customizable fascias which clip on.


Announced by Nokia on March 18, 1999. 160 million units were sold worldwide.

It was the first mass market phone with an internal antenna, after the feature had been introduced by Nokia on the luxury phone 8810 in 1998.

The 3210 was designed by Alastair Curtis in Nokia's Los Angeles Design Center.

The 3210 was originally designed with a vibrate alert function. Nokia decided not to implement this feature on some handsets within certain jurisdictions. A few months after its UK release, some mobile phone repair shops offered customers a handset upgrade to the vibrate function for a small fee.

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