Nintendo World Championships 1990 [Model NES-90-USA]

A 28-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by Nintendo of America, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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Nintendo World Championships 1990 © 1990 Nintendo of America, Inc.

Have you ever wondered who the best video game player in the world is? Or have you ever pondered how your scores would stack up against the very best? Well wonder no longer - your questions may soon be answered!

Next year players from all over the country will get a chance to compare video game scores during the Nintendo World Championships 1990 tour. Slated to appear in the arenas and coliseums of several major U.S. cities, each step of the tour will be a three day event of interest to video game fans of all skill levels. Special appearances by pros from Nintendo, displays features new games, accessories and Nintendo World Championships merchandise, and other suprises will add to the excitement of the tournaments.

Watch your local newspaper or future issues of Nintendo Power for details on the contests, then start making plans to attend when the tour hits your city!




This was a cartridge that was used for the Nintendo World Championships held in 1990 in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada. The player has a total of 6-7 minutes to play all three games but this can be changed by DIP switches on the cartridge.

There were one-hundred sixteen cartridges of this game created. Ninety were given to the ninety finalists in 1990 and were molded in gray plastic. Twenty-six were given away in a Nintendo Power contest that were molded in gold plastic.

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