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List of songs playables on this page:

01 the moonlight duel.vgz02 determination - father message.vgz03 the dragon ninja.vgz04 mysterious woman.vgz05 bravery - on the clutches.vgz06 reminiscence.vgz07 a sudden development.vgz08 like a howling gale.vgz09 in hiding - pursuing the nightmare.vgz10 eyecatch.vgz11 the cia.vgz12 the sanctuary of shadows.vgz13 the amazing ryu.vgz14 crisis.vgz15 surprise attack - the wicked god secret maneuvers.vgz16 malth the crimson terror.vgz17 the truth concealed.vgz18 melancholy destiny.vgz19 requiem.vgz20 the truth concealed (reprise).vgz21 the menace of jaquio.vgz22 showdown - at the portal of death (battlefield).vgz23 the demon incantation.vgz24 in a pinch - the ordeal of battle.vgz25 at the end of the battle.vgz26 irene - overture of dawn (prelude).vgz27 credits.vgz28 game over.vgz29 cinema display sound attack 1.vgz30 cinema display sound attack 2.vgz