Ninja Ryukenden III - Yomi no Hakobune [Model TCF-3N]

The Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Tecmo, Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Famicom Cart.

Ninja Ryukenden III - Yomi no Hakobune © 1991 Tecmo, Limited.

In the third chapter of the Ninja Gaiden series. Ryu Hayabusa has been accused of murdering Irene Lew, But did he really kill Irene? It will take plenty of patience, skill and, ninja magic to find out who framed Ryu, prove his innocence and save the world one more time from a diabolical world domination scheme.


Cartridge ID: TCF-3N


Ninja Ryukenden III - Yomi no Hakobune for Famicom was released on June 21, 1991 in Japan.

Known export release :
usa "Ninja Gaiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom [Model NES-3N]"


Story : M. Akama, Runmal
Art work : B.F.R, Jun, Kazu Tomita
Program work : H. Sato, M. Akama
Director : M. Akama
Art work : Onager, N. Takihara, B.F.R
Program work : Nobody
Director : Runmal
Music composer : Miya, K. Nakabai, L. Shigeno
Sound effect : Miya
Sound director : More-Yamasan
Executive producer : H. Yoshizawa


japan Nintendo Super Famicom (aug.11, 1995) "Ninja Ryukenden Tomoe [Model SHVC-ANRJ-JPN]"

Game's ROM.

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