NHL Hockey [Model 1114]

A 39-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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NHL Hockey © 1979 Mattel Electronics.

Face-off! It's pro action on the ice - the thrill, speed and excitement of NHL hockey! Steal the puck "Skate" down the rink! Watch out for your opponents defense men! Break away and take it over the blue line. Shoot! It's a goal! Stay alert for the computer "Referee!" Draw a penalty and your team defends short-handed! You'll play by many of the rules that govern the pros in the fastest sport on earth!

OBJECT OF THE GAME is to score more goals than your opponent in three 20-minute periods. Each goal scores 1 point. No overtime. Tie-score at the end of 3rd period will stand. (All times are simulated.)


Model 1114

SHOOT BUTTON (Upper Side Buttons): Sends puck across ice at faster Shooting speed.
PASS BUTTON (Lower Side Buttons): Sends puck across ice at slower Pass speed.
DIRECTION DISC: Use to skate offense and defense control men in any of 16 directions. Press edge of disc corresponding to direction you want man to move. Men skate in forward direction only.


Program: Ken Smith

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