NHL 98 [Model 7820]

A 21-year-old Sega Genesis Game by Electronic Arts

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NHL 98 © 1997 Electronic Arts.

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Game ID: 7820


Programmed by: Chris Shrigley
Directed by: Thomas L. Fessler
NHL 98 Art by: Thomas L. Fessler
Music by: David Whittaker
Sound by: David Whittaker
V.P. of Production: Scott Orr
Vice President of Product Development: Steve Ryno
Executive Producer: Donn W. Nauert
Senior Producer: Greg Gibson
Producers: Jym Killy, Jon Osborn, Gabriel Jones
Associate Producers: Sanders Keel, Erick Fernandez
Lead Tester: Erik van Rooy
Testing by: Jason Lewis, Skot Travis, Edward J. Ramiro, Mia Haller, Jekel 1
Player Ratings by: Sanders Keel, Erik van Rooy, Thomas L. Fessler
Special Thanks To: Melissa Louviaux, Kirk Somdal, Victor Blevons, Lisa Paulson, Steve Keel, Maria Coniglio
"Get ready for this" written by: Jean Paul De Coster, Filip De Wilde, Simon Harris

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