A 13-year-old Microsoft XBOX 360 Game by 2K Sports

Not emulated in MAME


NHL 2K6 © 2005 2K Sports.

The champion of videogame hockey is back! NHL 2K6 continues its legacy with more control, more emotion, and more detail than ever before. Strap on your skates and take command with tape-to-tape passing, behind the net plays, and precision give-and-go attacks.

Dominate the ice with NHL-calibre goaltending, skating, checking, and puck handling with the deeply enhanced animation system.Featuring new animations, on-the-fly coaching, a deeper career mode, and enhanced visuals, NHL 2K6 is so hot it will melt the ice!

- ProControl action: Play like the pros with the revolutionary icon-based passing system. All-new combo passing and shooting controls let you queue up give-and-go attacks, tic-tac-toe passing, puck cycling, behind the net plays, and more!
- On-the-fly coaching: Use your style of hockey at both ends of the ice by calling team strategy during the action. Crash the net, screen the goalie, and pinch defensemen on offence. Counter the attack by clearing the crease, clearing the zone, or setting up a break out for an offensive rush.
- Enforcer system: Throw opponents off their game by bringing out your checking line. Bigger and more aggressive players weigh into the outcome of a game as much as your leading goal scorers, as physical play lowers opponents' performance ratings.
- Maximum goaltending: Take matters into your own hands by swapping into the cage and utilizing your right thumbstick to make quick, intuitive saves when it counts the most.
- PureMotion animations: Hundreds of new NHL-calibre animations to feast your eyes on, including spectacular saves in goal by Marty Turco.
- Franchise perfection: An unsurpassed franchise experience hinges a team's success on your ability to schedule workouts, scrimmages, and manage team chemistry.
- Gold standard presentation: Immerse yourself in the impeccable presentation system with all-new commentary featuring Bob Cole and Harry Neale, broadcast standard overlays, innovative camera angles, new cutscenes, and more.
- Online experience: 2K Sports continues to lead the online gaming revolution as NHL 2K6 brings you seamless online play and the most comprehensive online features anywhere, including online stat tracking, buddy list management, and online leagues.


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Released on November 16, 2005 in the USA.