NHK Okaasan to Issho Niko Niko, Pun [Model NV91001]

A 27-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by NHK Enterprise

NHK Okaasan to Issho Niko Niko, Pun [Model NV91001] screenshot

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NHKおかあさんといっしょ にこにこ、ぷん © 1991 NHK Enterprise

(NHK Okaasan to Issho Niko Niko, Pun)

Niko Niko Pun is a cute platform game based on a Japanese TV series. The protagonists of the game are a cat, a bird and a mouse who one day arrive on an island where they find a cute little pink dragon. The poor thing is starving and they all decide to help him and escort the animal through several stages to collect his favorite food (displayed at the bottom of the screen). Failing to do so gets them to start the stage all over again until they succeed. Once fed, the dragon grows bigger and then it is time to explore another area and look for his next lunch. Our heroes can't die and only jump over their opponents. Finally, each stage hides a lot of surprises and doors scattered around the game lead to picture-puzzles.


HuCARD ID: NV91001
HuCARD Size: 4 Mbits.


Released on December 13, 1991 in Jaopan for 6500 Yen.

Niko Niko Pun was a Japanese TV show for children aired from 1982 to 1992 on NHK. The show featured large puppet costumes and told the adventures of a Mouse, a cat and a bird on the fantastic Niko Niko Island.

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