NFL Football [Model 2610]

A 40-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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NFL Football © 1978 Mattel Electronics.

You're on your own 48-yard line. 4th down, 3 yards to go! You call it! Run wide or off tackle, pass or punt? With INTELLIVISION NFL FOOTBALL by MATTEL ELECTRONICS, you have over 160 offensive plays, plus 10 defensive sets! On offense you control the ball carrier, your opponent controls his free safety. Computer controls the other linemen. Excitement, strategy, fingertip electronic control! Your TV set becomes a gridiron!

OBJECT OF THE GAME is to outscore your opponent by running or passing the ball into your opponent's End Zone, by kicking a field goal or forcing a Safety. Touchdowns score seven points (extra point is automatic). Field goals score three points. Two points for a Safety.


Model 2610


Offense -- Don't be in too much of a hurry to score! Go for the first down to maintain possession! Learn your plays and use them wisely!
Defense -- Be alert to move your "control" man as necessary! Don't be afraid to go for the interception! Use your formations effectively!

Offense & Defense -- Practice dexterity with the controls! Keep your eye on the screen but be ready to use the right buttons! The Move Player Disc is crucial -- learn to use it well!

Offense -- Running, passing or kicking -- timing makes the difference between gain or loss.
Defense -- Coordinate the movements of your "control" man (defensive captain) with the rest of your defenders. When you "red dog" or "blitz," you're taking a chance!

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