A 38-year-old Arcade Video Game by Kamiya

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Newpuc2 © 1980 Kamiya.


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Newpuc2 is a hack of "PuckMan". It has :
* Intermissions from the original "PuckMan" between each maze.
* A 'slot machine' every 3 mazes which determines which type of maze (invisible/visible) will come up next.
* There are two maze variants :
The first is a visible blue maze with five exits on each side and a modified maze layout from the original "PuckMan".
The second maze is invisible except for the borders and the dots, but has a slightly different layout than the visible maze and has only three exits on each side.
* When a power pill is eaten, the ghosts turn into different looking monsters.
* The 'GAME OVER' message displays something different (see Updates below).


Set 1 :
* The coin-up screen does not give a name to the hero.
* Instead of Oikake (Akabei), the red ghost is named Nantonaku (Crystal).
* Instead of Kimagure (Aosuke), the cyan ghost is named Nukarumi (Michan).
* Extra lives dip can be set at 20000, 25000, or 30000, or none (the default is 20000).
* Difficuly dip is set to Hard by default, instead of Normal.
* The 'GAME OVER' message reads 'MADE BY KAMIYA'.

Set 2 :
* The hero is given the name 'Scandal' in the coin-up screen.
* The ghosts' names and nicknames are : Smoky The (Bandito), Kermit is (Frogy), Tony The (Tiger), and Charly the (Tuna).
* The 'GAME OVER' message reads 'LINEAR ELECT'.
* Extra Lives dip can be set at 30000, 60000, 90000, or None (the default is 30000).


Dot : 20 points.
Power Pill : 80 points.
Ghosts : 200, 400, 800, 8000 points.
Cherry : 1000 points.
Strawberry : 2000 points.
Orange : 3000 points.
Apple : 5000 points.
Pineapple : 5000 points.
Galaxian : 5000 points.
Bell : 5000 points.
Key : 5000 points.

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