New Roll 'Em

A 83-year-old Coin-op Trade Stimulator by Cardinal, The

Impossible to emulate


New Roll 'Em © 1935 The Cardinal Co.

New model with Crystal Tube tantalizer.

All the popularity of dice play, plus games that are positively new and original, make the latest model ROLL 'EM, monarch of all dice machines.

One of the many features of the new ROLL 'EM is the Crystal Tube Tantalizer. Combinations of regular dice on the disc and one, two, or three small dice in the Crystal Tube Tantalizer make possible the following rapid-action games, never before played on any dice machines.

No. 1: Two games at same time.
No. 2: Matching one, two or three of a kind.
No. 3: Doubling scores.
No. 4: Doubling and tripling scores.
No. 5: Small dice to show points won.
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New Roll 'Em the Coin-op Trade Stimulator
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10-inch counter game.
Weight: 6 lbs.


New Roll 'Em was released in January 1935.

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