New Cross Pang

A 19-year-old Arcade Video Game by F2 System

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New Cross Pang © 1999 F2 System.

A brand new coin-op video amusement game the Cross Pang which more often called Toads’ Raid depicts a folk tale of an ancient kingdom clearing through national threat imposed by toadstools suddenly sprouted and proliferated rapidly over the kingdom disastrously.

Noticing that toadstols shaped in beads of seven different colors burst up to perish when four of a color are flocked together, the royalty ordered the subject to flock them by colors thus to save the nation.

Repetition of perishing four beads for preset number of times advances the player to next stage, stage by stage in likewise manner, towards the final goal of 50th stage to complete a game. In case the player fails to stop beads piling up to reach the ceiling for set length of a time, the game becomes automatically over.


Players : 1
Buttons : 3
[A] Select & Set, [B] Power, [C] Life


Released in January 1999.


* Button functions
1) Select & Set: By the first click, player is enabled to catch the colored bead falling from the screen top, and then by the second click, the bead becomes placed on the spot.
2) Power: When the beads are impending to reach the ceiling, the player may click the button to wipe out selected color of beads entirely all at once to save the stage. The remainder of beads are stacked compact without leaving open gap in between.
3) Life: In case the bead shows up undesirably slow, the player may speed it up by the clicking on this button.


1. Cross Pang (1998)
2. New Cross Pang (1999)

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