Nester's Funky Bowling [Model VUE-VNFE-USA]

A 22-year-old Nintendo Virtual Boy Game by Nintendo of America, Inc.


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Nester's Funky Bowling © 1996 Nintendo of America.

A long time ago, a spunky little boy named Nester ruled the pages of Nintendo Power magazine's comic section. Conceited as ever, Nester is breaking into the new genre of video games with the first 3-D bowling game.

Shine your shoes and buff your ball... you're going bowling Nester and his twin sister, Hester, treat you to a fantastic game of knock-the-pins-down. This 3-D bowling experience is fast paced and red hot. Both bowlers ore competitive and very involved in their games You'll agree as you witness some of their Funky expressions. Are you up to a challenge?


Cartridge ID: VUE-VNFE-USA
Package ID: VUE P VNFE


Nester's Funky Bowling was released on February 26, 1996 in USA only.

[US] GamePro (May 1996): 2.8/5
[JP] VB Guide 2: 64.5/100

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