Nemurenumori no Chiisana Ohanashi [Model HECD3004]

A 25-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by NEC Home Electronics

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Nemurenumori no Chiisana Ohanashi © 1993 NEC Home Electronics, Limited.

Nemurenuyo No Chiisana Ohanashi is a cute educational game by Nec. It tells the story of a cat called Neko-Kun who happen to meet a cute little star who fell from the sky. Neko-Kun decides to take care of his new friend and help the little star to return to her home. The second part of the game starts when the little star becomes strong enough to return to the night sky. Neku-Kun can then freely walk around the island where he lives. The place is curiously shaped like his head and he will meet there his other friends. The player will be introduced to new characters and locations, and will event be able to interact with objects of the scenery or take part of mini-games. Many background elements can be activated with the controller (or the mouse, if you own one) and trigger animated sequences. Each story can be played again, and again, or can be stopped at anytime by hitting the little cat heat or the island icons located at the bottom of the screen.


Game ID: HECD3004


The title of this game translates as 'Little stories for sleepless nights'.

Released on july 30, 1993 in Japan for 6800 Yen.
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