Need for Speed - Most Wanted

A 13-year-old Microsoft XBOX 360 Game by Electronic Arts

Not emulated in MAME


Need for Speed - Most Wanted © 2005 Electronic Arts.

Wake up to the smell of burnt asphalt as the thrill of illicit street racing permeates the air. From the makers of the hit Need for Speed Underground series that has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, Need for Speed Most Wanted challenges you to become the most notorious and elusive street racer.

Combining illicit street racing and tuner customisation with the intensity of strategic police pursuit that surpasses any Hollywood-style chase scene, Need for Speed Most Wanted should be on your 'must-have' list. Out-race rivals, evade cops, and exploit hundreds of miles of open road as you make your way up the Blacklist.

To become the most wanted racer, build up your street cred and Rap Sheet with gripping, white-knuckle, head-to-head races against the top drivers on the streets. Pull daring, evasive moves to out-run and out-fox the cops that patrol the open road. Manage your heat or use strategic tactics to keep the cops off your tail as you leave your rivals behind to suck your exhaust fumes.

Need for Speed Most Wanted also features a variety of the hottest cars, from tuners and super cars to muscles and sports cars. You can tune your ride to race against any class of vehicles. The streets are your playground!

- Open road, open world: Rule the streets as the most notorious street racer in distinct regions that include edgy industrial and upscale urban environments. The street can be a friend for a foe. Master short-cuts and use the traffic and destructible environments to your advantage.
- All-new gameplay: New and exciting gameplay combines strategic cop pursuit and skill-based evasion techniques with illicit street racing.
- Visual customisation: Whether you're trying to lose the cops or you just want to pimp your ride, Need for Speed Most Wanted offers extensive visual customisations.
- Blacklist: As you enter the world of street racing, go up against the best drivers on the scene to earn respect and rise to the top of the Blacklist.
- Rap Sheet: Build up your Rap Sheet with record-breaking times, epic races, and wild headline-making stunts. Out-fox police vehicles, tactics, and technology.
- Performance tuning: Can't compete against a sports car? Head to the safehouse and tune up your ride to race against any class of vehicles.
- Next-gen features: Need for Speed Most Wanted for the next-generation console delivers a new level of graphical excellence in video games. Utilizing graphical techniques including normal mapping, digital scanning, and real-time lighting, the game's visual experience outpaces other racing games on the market.
- Online racing: Challenge your friends or rivals in online play via Xbox Live


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Released on November 22, 2005 in the USA.